Tired of eyebrow pencils that smudge? Now you can enjoy the same look with Permanent Cosmetics. For eyebrows that are not quite perfect, color may be added to create a fuller appearance, shaped to your liking. Tiny hair strokes can be done to look like natural hairs. Your arch is your expression. Your brows will perfectly enhance your natural features-permanently. Throw away all the eyebrow pencils and save your money. NO need for pencils now. Those women (and men) whose eyebrows are sparse from tweezing, shaving, waxing and whose brows are blonde or light in color can enjoy permanent brows in shapes and colors that will enhance your facial features.

Eyebrows are the frame for your face, just like a picture frame.


Feel undressed without your eyeliner? Afraid to go swimming or wake up in the morning looking totally naked? With Permanent Cosmetics a fine soft permanent line can be created to follow the lash line and enhance your natural look. You can also have color and thickness applied to have a more dramatic look. The choice is yours. Your eyes, in the hands of a trained professional permanent makeup artist can look beautiful all the time. Permanent eyeliner doesn't run, doesn't smear and stays put through-out your day.

Lipliner/Full Lips

Tired of smudged lipstick? Fantastic for not so perfect lips that bleed with dark lipsticks. Permanent Cosmetics are perfect for reshaping uneven lips, and enhancing the color. If desired, any color lipstick can be applies over your permanent lip color, or just use a gloss. You will see a remarkable difference with a liner or a full lip color. The choice is yours.

With Permanent Cosmetics see how you can look your best all the time, whether it be eyebrows, eyeliner or lips. Or a combination of all three procedures, save time and money and your natural beauty will be enhanced all the time.....

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